Music with Mr McCullum

My learning goal is to play the guitar 
I have learnt how to play a little bit of the Ukulele
My next step is to finish learning the Ukulele

Dance 2017

A hip routine
         a cha cha routine
         to combine different movements into a dance routine to Treasure by Bruno Mars
         to combine different cha cha moves into a dance

        I really enjoyed ....
        My favourite movement / dance was …
        I found … the most challenging.
        What I enjoyed most about Dean’s teaching was …
        I feel quite confident / confident / very confident with the dance routines we learned
        I was able pick up the different dance routines easily / quickly
        I found remembering the correct sequence for the dance routines difficult / challenging / easy / needed much practice
         (write about the performance on Friday evening)

        I would like to do further dance lessons

        I would like to learn (type of dance)

Integrated Learning

My learning goal is to know everything about the "REDZONE"

I have learned why to not build in the "REDZONE"

My next step is to learn more about the "REDZONE"


My learning goal is to do hard timetables

I have learned about my timetables from 1-6

My next step is to do division problems.


My learning goal is to connect writing together on paper
I have learned how to do very neat writing
My next step is to spell the longest word ever


My Learning goal is to read and spell really hard big words

I have learned about were to put punctuation in sentences

My next step is to get into the top group all the time

Te Reo Term 1

In week 10 we learnt about a marae, we learnt how to welcome people and we sang twinkle twinkle little star to welcome people. We got split into half ,some people would welcome them in and the other half would walk in. We were there for half an hour.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

I'm Learning to make safe decisions.

I'm learning this because I want to learn how to be safe on the internet because I go on everyday.

An example of a safe decision is when I see a virus I'll shut the lid and show someone then they can fix it.

Multicultural Week 2017

I enjoyed Multicultural Week because we got to learn about Israel, Russia, Paris and Japan. In Israel we learnt about the dead sea and the dead sea heals people

My Reflection

In Reflection Something I need to remember is remembering what i'm going to say.